Hey rightwing gun nuts - arming slave victims would not have freed them because the gun trade actually fueled the slave trade

Scottish Dragon1/19/2013 7:40:53 pm PST

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There are plenty of examples of how the Nazis responded to partisan attacks. A typical ratio was 10 to 100 dead for every Nazi shot or killed. Important Nazi deaths would require the massacre of an entire village or town, with everyone in it being killed, and the total destruction of the town.

Bands of armed Jews would have been faced with the burning of entire ghettos with everyone in them had they tried armed resistance. Is it really necessary to remind people that it took the combined military forces of the industrialized world five years to overcome the Germans?

It should be kept in mind that Jews after the war actually took the view that they would be armed and not permit anybody to get a second chance at them.

They might not have been able to stop the Holocaust the first time around, but they sure as hell made certain that they would be armed to the teeth after that. Note the armed Jewish partisans in post WW II British Palestine.

Also, German reprisals did not significantly deter the French Resistance or partisan fighting in the Ukraine, Norway or the Netherlands.