Samantha Bee on Roger Stone: America's Athlete's Foot [VIDEO]

Blind Frog Belly White1/31/2019 1:55:59 pm PST

re: #137 Belafon

If the sun were to magically disappear, it would be 8.5 minutes before we would know it. Not only would we not see the sun disappear for 8.5 minutes, the earth would still curve in it’s orbit for that length of time until if flew off it’s orbit. The outer planets would take even longer.

These people are like that. They think that, since the government was shut down and it didn’t impact them, that they don’t need it. Eventually, though, it would catch up to them.

Kinda like “We don’t need vaccines because nobody has the measles” works great until somebody gets the measles and nobody’s vaccinated.

Or judging a fall from the 80th floor as no big deal as you pass the 40th floor because nothing untoward has happened to you.