Anti-Obama Rumor Mill Exposed Again

Ward Cleaver4/22/2009 9:03:07 am PDT

re: #17 JammieWearingFool

Where on the web did these stories originate and who was posting them here? Related to the Somali pirates I’ve maybe linked a couple items just from straight news sources as events unfolded and more recently the pirate activist to be put on trial in New York, but I’m not quite familiar with these alternate reality stories.

One place (from a forwarded email I received) is this one:

Barack Obama vs. U.S. Navy SEALs Five Days of Presidential Indecision

And here’s a snip, just to show you how pathetic the source is:

By John Barnhart

Now that the stand off is over I have received a very disturbing intelligence report courtesy of the Pure Pursuit Information Center by way of a former Special Operations Commander that paints a very different picture of what actually happened.

This is the tale of Barack Hussein Obama vs. The U.S. Navy SEALs according to the reports received along with my own commentary on the subject.

After a five day stand off the U.S. Navy SEALs finally action against the Somali pirates holding U.S. Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama. Many in the liberal media gave huge praise to the President for authorizing the action and went so far as to say that in this case there was no way that conservatives could be critical of President Barack Obama because he acted swiftly and was tough, he had finally shown his metal.

“Standoff” is one word, not two, and he should have used “mettle” instead of “metal”. And who the hell is the “Pure Pursuit Information Center”?