Another Outstanding Jam From Bruce Hornsby and Chris Thile: "Cast-Off" [VIDEO]

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That they’re white, or women?

Seriously, however, St Lawrence County in NYS is pretty much white, white and more white. The exception is the First Americans contingent since there is Mohawk Reservation land there as well.

I spent a number of my formative years in Massena. One black family in the entire village. And things in the area went *very* downhill in the past twenty years. The major industries (GM, Reynolds, ALCOA) in the area pretty much closed up and the region has not recovered much, if at all, from the last recession.

And you could say much the same for large stretches of upstate and northern New York. The tourism is/was way down, vacationing in the Adirondacks is not what it used to be, and a lot of the industry closed up for various reasons.

(Edit: Given nowherenorth2’s current residency in the area I expect much better observations of the area’s current status from them.)