Acoustic Mastery: Mike Dawes, "The Old Room"

lawhawk11/23/2020 6:54:54 am PST

Greets and saluts from the NYC metro area. NJ is reporting that ICUs are up to 91% capacity, and we’re seeing the rise continue with no end in sight. The cases are surging, and it’s not just in places that managed to contain the spread previously. It’s everywhere.

Trump’s being a bunker bitch and kvetching about how the election was stolen, all while actually trying to steal the election and violating federal laws in the process by interfering in the counting of legitimately cast ballots.

He just keeps committing crimes, and we shouldn’t become dulled to the widespread commission of crimes Trumpworld keeps doing even in the final days of this corrupt and incompetent admin.

Trump’s butcher’s bill is over 260,000 (300,000 excess deaths and rolling). He doesn’t care. He never cared. The GOP doesn’t care either, and they’ll keep saying that it isn’t serious right up to the moment they’re intubated or die. The GOP have wrecked the nation and are trying to burn the remnants on the way out the door, all while obstructing and sabotaging the incoming administration with threats of refusal to confirm Biden cabinet and judicial picks.

The GOP is thoroughly corrupt and compromised to the core. They don’t uphold the Constitution and it’s time for Democrats to call them out explicitly on this point. The GOP aren’t for law and order. They’re for their power and inflicting their orders on everyone else while they redistribute burdens from the rich to everyone else and call it a day. Anything that might reduce the burdens is seen as a theft from the rich and poor whites to persons of color, when everyone benefits. Health care is seen as a privilege instead of a right. Voting is seen as something only entitled white people should have, and the GOP is fighting to negate the votes of tens of millions of people, many who are persons of color, because they voted in numbers for Biden.

All the talk of bipartisanship would make sense if the GOP had rational actors in their midst, but they’re all craven cowards who can barely manage to admit that Biden defeated Trump, let alone decisively beat Trump (which is what happened when he had the biggest win against an incumbent since 1932). The GOP are a party of obstructionists and corrupt thugs who have enabled the fucking fascists and goddamned Nazis to take over the party along with conspiracy nuts.