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Bagua11/01/2009 4:42:11 pm PST

re: #125 MandyManners

Exploit the crisis even if you havt to create it first.

This is the US version of the “Monnet method” relying on engrenage and latterly the “beneficial crisis” to drive the agenda forward.

In their case, the agenda was the EU project of destroying nationalism by weakening national government . In the US the objectives are different, but both involve more central government.

In English Engrenage is gearing. Here is an example how it works:

First of all, it prevents member states implementing their own controls in a vital policy area (such as immigration), and then starts to regulate in these areas itself. The regulation is invariably incomplete and functions poorly, requiring more legislation. It is then not long before there are demands for additional laws, whence the EU commission happily obliges with proposals – grandly declaring that the member states are calling for “more Europe”.

In the US case, the member states are the individual states, and the EU is the federal government. Thus the horrible failure of Masscare becomes Obamacare, extending the flawed program nation wide, forcing it on all states who will no longer be control their own public health care programs.

As this inevitably leads to problems, we will all be willing to see the programs ramped up in increments, as after all it needs to be “fixed”. As the local states no longer control these programs by law, there is only the federal government to look to for the solution which will always involve more tax, more bureaucracy, more regulation.