Watch Live: Trump Rants About Conspiracies in West Palm Beach

Scottish Dragon10/13/2016 11:19:21 am PDT

re: #128 bratwurst

Just heard him say that.

Here is my question: if he is that over the edge now, what is he going to be like 3 weeks from today? I cannot for a moment imagine that there will be a time before election day when this man resigns himself to the fate most people already know he will face.

He is going to do everything possible to destroy Hillary’s term in office before it even begins.

He may well succeed. His followers will never accept the election result, and Trump related violence is on the rise.

Our democracy had certain assumptions built into it, and one of those assumptions was that the electorate would manage to sort out candidates who actually had the interests of the nation at heart. We are going to see that tested in a way that has never happened before when one candidate simply refuses to accept losing an election and encourages his voters to attack the legitimacy of government.