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ckkatz9/10/2020 7:54:05 am PDT

The most recent Lincoln Project Podcast discusses the likely timing issue with in person voting versus mail in ballot voting. It generally recounts what has been posted on LGF in somewhat greater detail.

Basically, the pollsters expect that the in person voters will be mostly Republican voters while the mail in voters will largely be Democratic.

Most states do not start validating and counting mail in votes until after the in-person polls close.

Thus the in-person totals will become available the evening of Nov 3rd and may reflect a majority Republican vote. The mail-in votes will straggle in over the next couple of weeks and will likely show the Democratic vote overtaking and overcoming the in-person totals.

One concern is that Trump is setting up his less sophisticated voters to believe that the late arriving pro-Democratic votes are the result of some corrupt fix rather than a slow validation and counting process.

The talk goes into greater technical depth. And remains technical rather than politically partisan.

I found it quite interesting. As always, ymmv…

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