Bob Schneider: A Day in the Life of "Thor" [VIDEO]

Teddy's Person ✌9/26/2020 3:46:35 pm PDT

re: #141 Targetpractice

It really does demonstrate the tone-deafness of modern conservatism, to try to co-opt the nickname Ginsburg has held for years without the first clue why she was given that nickname or why it was so important to her supporters.

Of course, the answer is always the same for everything they do: It’s meant to piss off liberals because “stigginit.”

It’s an offshoot of the shallowness of conservative ideology beyond accumulation of wealth and power. RBG got the nickname because she inspired passion in people and encouraged people to turn that passion into action. She became a role model who was given a kickass nickname by the people. In typically conservative fashion that passion has to be manufactured and propagated from the top down.