Saturday Afternoon Open

Walter L. Newton4/25/2009 2:59:11 pm PDT

re: #139 Guanxi88

Who says it’s funny at all? At this stage, though, it’s too early to tell what, if anything, it is.

I mean, is Mexico over-reacting, or is their public health infrastructure so fragile that these elaborate measures are necessary to keep it from sweeping through their population, or is it really THAT dangerous?

Stateside authorities don’t seem alarmed, which could be because it’s too early to know, or they don’t want to spread panic, or because a comparatively modern health care system can be expected to handle it.

Pig puns don’t diminish the situation; rather, they’re just us whistling to a tune we heard as we walked down the street.

(I’ll repeat myself here)

My ex wife works on a CDC program tracking aids and TB in immigrants, and there are some horror stories I can tell you. This was not unexpected, but probably, as these things go, the medical profession is slow in reacting.

It’s not going to be good, not in the least.