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Land Shark9/09/2009 12:02:07 pm PDT

re: #33 snapped shot

Robert Spencer is still an extremely authoritative source on Islamic texts, as far as I am concerned. I’m aware of the dispute you two have been having, but would like to refrain from picking sides if at all possible, seeing how greatly I respect both of you. :)


I agree Spencer is still an authority on Islamic texts. I’ve been able to look up and confirm quite a bit of it.

My problem with him is that he’s on record saying that essentially he supports organizations that might be fascist or racist because they are also anti-jihadi. A variation of the “the enemies of my enemies are my friends.” Fascists and white supremacists are of the same ilk as the Islamists. Intolerant assholes. And fascists and white supremacists have that Jooo hating thing in common with the Islamists.

Trust me, I had a lot of admiration for Spencer. But I don’t anymore.