CA Governor Gavin Newsom on Suing President Trump [VIDEO]

Jebediah, RBG2/11/2020 1:35:11 pm PST

re: #135 LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)

What the people who think this meat only diet don’t get is vegans/vegetarians still get protein. He clearly isn’t getting the normal nutrients that are part of a human being’s diet. It’s crazy how people like him and Milo go from being social media sensations four years ago to where they are now.

I wonder how much his “autoimmune reaction to food” had to do with not getting enough of those normal nutrients you mention. Humans are omnivorous, not strictly carnivorous, and dumb-ass, unfounded notions from unqualified idiots do nothing to change what nutrients we need and how much of each.
On the other hand, omnivorous happy as when regressive quacks get exposed as fools.