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Alephnaught7/03/2020 2:11:06 pm PDT

Both the leaders of the Welsh and Scottish devolved governments have used the word “shambolic” to describe the way the UK government has handled its plan to reduce quarantine measure for people coming into the UK.

First, here’s the First Minister for Wales:

“Dealing with the UK Government over the last few days has been an utter shambolic experience. If ever there was an example of making an announcement first, and then trying to work out what you meant by it, that is what we have seen since this announcement was first trailed in the press.”

It’s better when you hear it in a Welsh accent.

The First Minister for Scotland was slightly more diplomatic, but made sure to include the word “shambolic”.

“When so much is at stake as it is right now we can’t allow ourselves to be dragged along in the wake of, to be quite frank about it, another government’s shambolic decision process”

It’s better when you hear it in a central Scotland accent.

Scotland to review government’s ‘shambolic’ air bridge plan, says Sturgeon

No word from the Northern Ireland Parliament yet, but none of the three devolved parliaments have yet agreed with Westminster on this issue.