Quran Burning Pastor Learned Everything He Knows About Muslims from YouTube

darthstar9/08/2010 4:07:30 pm PDT

re: #110 Charles

Sarah’s fans are confused:

Becky Reader Sarah I hear what your saying and I agree but Damn people are so sick of being s—- on. I have to ALMOST thank this guy for doing it so somebody does it

Valerie Brown Sawyer Sarah, I am highly disappointed that you are taking this stance. This shows that you have no clue who and what our enemy is. This is a perfect chance to call our enemy out and stand up to them, but Americans are too weak to do it.

Greg Maloney Remember, YOU AND I are paying for the maggot who is trying to build a monument to the jihad at Ground Zero to travel to the ME to solicit donations from our enemies. Wake up!

Mark Gerleve The koran should be banned in the USA because it is AGAINST the 8th AMENDMENT. It COMMANDS cruel and unusual punishment. Ciltoral mutilation, Amputation. didmemberment, honor killings. stoning, and beheading. Is this what should be condoned in America. islam COMMANDS YOUR DEATH. WAKE UP !!!

Oh, Sarah…how will you ever tame these people?