Michelle Wolf Explains How to Properly Crush the Souls of Trump's Cronies

Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))7/02/2018 6:59:39 am PDT

re: #137 wheat-dogg

Point of order: the one-child policy is now history. A few years ago, couples were allowed to have two kids if each partner was an only child. Then the restrictions were relaxed even more to let all couples have two kids. There is now talk that the population controls will be abolished altogether, for two reasons: the skewed male:female ratio and the realization the nation needs more workers to support an aging population.

So when I cannot fall asleep at night, I stay awake thinking about that massive male surplus population: means they could afford to engage in a conventional war and lose millions and millions…and even if their gains are minimal, they will have helped solve a demographic problem.