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lawhawk12/09/2019 8:03:06 am PST

re: #141 jaunte

They’ll go along with Trump, because of course they will. Craven cowards to the bitter end. They put party above all else, and have been enabling Trump despite Trump clearly engaging in felony conduct all along.

None of them are openly talking to press on the record of Trump crimes. None are willing to stand up for the rule of law or oaths of office.

None of the GOP will do what’s right - instead lying to everyone about what Trump did on live television - admitting to federal felonies by bribing the Ukranians to look into investigating Bidens as a personal favor to get military aid that was already allocated by Congress. Trump held it up to secure the bribe - the announcement of an investigation into Biden. Trump held it up to help him personally, not for our security or because Trump cared about corruption.

The timeline makes it clear that Trump only sought out the investigation only after Biden entered the race, not before. Trump couldn’t find Ukraine on a map before then (or after, but I digress). Trump doesn’t care about corruption except when it benefits him personally - as it does here. Ukraine wanted no part of Trump’s scheme, but Rudy and Lev and Igor and Sondland and Perry and Pompeo were all in on the effort to get Zelinsky to do it anyways.