Trump Says He Has "The Absolute Right" to Interfere in Long-Time Crony Roger Stone's Sentencing, as the Entire Prosecution Team Resigns

BeachDem2/11/2020 5:41:50 pm PST

re: #139 bratwurst

I don’t remember her being flustered at all…more taken aback that a grown man seeking to be a SCOTUS justice was throwing a tantrum.

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative commentator for the Washington Post and a prominent critic of President Trump and the GOP, wrote a column later in the evening calling the exchange the “most telling moment” of a hearing in which a yelling, angry Kavanaugh appeared unable or unwilling to get out of attack mode.

“It was a moment of singular cruelty and disrespect,” Rubin said. “One saw a flash in the exchange with Klobuchar the same sense of entitlement, cruelty and lack of simple decency that Christine Blasey Ford allegedly experienced way back when, the memory seared in her brain of two obnoxious teens laughing at her ordeal.” Noting Kavanaugh’s apology, Rubin wrote: “The damage was done. The spontaneous reaction was the real one.”