Pro Koln Organizer's Nazi Merchandise

Zimriel4/25/2009 4:59:56 pm PDT

re: #125 DisturbedEma

See that is what I worry about- that Nazi, having been over[us]ed to the point of meaninglessness- Soup Nazi for one, when they really show up, people dismiss them or, point to times in history that they were “not so bad” or how they were “people” like with the Reagan/Wreath…the horror they caused, the slaughters they carried out…forgotten

I think I see… so you’re saying that, at this stage, other people (not you, not me, not LGF - just young conservative / reactionaries who might be stumbling across, say, Spencer for the first time) - these other people might think that the Jugend was forced on many people and shouldn’t be held against them, and that the Waffen SS was a legitimate armed force and that membership in it shouldn’t be held against them.

I’m willing to give the Pope a pass on the Jugend charge; but as I mentioned earlier; if the man had carried on as a camp guard or ghetto liquidator, he would not be fit for office, IMO.

The Allies should have hanged Taege. Or the Mossad should have bombed his printing press. How he was able to produce material which is in print to this day disgusts me. Rouhs disgusts me too.