Outrageous Outrage of the Day

Joo-LiZ5/06/2010 10:46:20 am PDT

On Topic:
I haven’t heard anything about this case/read through this thread yet, but my first reaction to reading the post is that in defense of the students — they were in an American school. If Mexican students were to wear Mexican flags in Mexico and American students at that school had issue with it, it would be the Americans problem, not the Mexicans. It seems like it could be seen as being overly PC.

That’s just my initial reaction, and all that being said, I can see how after the Arizona Law school administrators would be on the lookout for behaviour seen as “provocative”.

Off Topic:

Anybody else see anything about a reported bomb scare on a Bus in New Hampshire?

It’s being reported in the Jerusalem Post but I don’t see it elsewhere (CNN/FoxNews), and I find it odd that the JPost would have something like that before US outlets do…