James O'Keefe Pleads Guilty

Shiplord Kirel: Fan of USPS, Goodyear, and Oreo5/26/2010 1:25:20 pm PDT

OT (unless we broaden the topic to public ignorance in general).

I’ve mentioned the young Moon hoax believer who didn’t know that countries other than the US had military forces.
I ran across another one the other day. This one had never heard of inflation.
I had taken my Rolls-Royce out, since it was a nice day, and happened to stop by a favorite local book store. A young chap who pulled in at the same time I did complimented the car but had to add that he didn’t think any car was worth $600,000.
I told him that it didn’t cost anything like that, since it was 40 years old when I got it.
He said he meant new. I responded that it had in fact cost 21,200 dollars new. He was incredulous and said you couldn’t get a Toyota for that. I said you could in 1968. He asked why that was different and I said, “Er, things cost a lot less back then. A new Camaro was like $3000 back then and minimum wage was a dollar an hour.”
HE SAID I WAS PULLING HIS LEG, NOBODY WOULD WORK FOR A DOLLAR AN HOUR, and that a dollar then was still a dollar. He did promise to check it out though. I asked him what he did for a living. He said he was an IT student at the local junior college, and about to graduate.