Is Netanyahu planning an October surprise? Using Iran war threat to help GOP?

researchok9/06/2012 12:39:37 pm PDT

re: #144 Prononymous, rogue demon hunter

Not much to disagree with here, save or one reality.

Support for Israel is so strong because Americans believe that stance is the most moral stance.

When you factor in the statements and behaviors of her enemies, that stance is understood.

This is course does not conflict with your remarks, but does clarify them, I believe.

Support for Israel is less about a response antisemitism than is often alluded.

Even if you factor out the Evangelicals support for Israel remains very high (over 70%) this is not the result of politics.

If a politician ran on an anti Israel platform he or she is almost guaranteed to lose.

The belief is taking that kind of stand is immoral.

To be clear, this is not an excoriation of Muslims. Support for Israel is not a Jewish-Islamic choice. Muslims have been put in the position they find themselves by decades of broken and dysfunctional leaders who exploit hate and fear for their own ends.

I know I sound like a broken record on that issue but it is true.

The matter of support for Israel has longed ceased being a political issue and has instead morphed into a moral issue.

In creating that reality, continued Arab world dysfunction is guaranteed.

Tyrants keep attention focused outward and Muslims are told they are victims.