Slap Fight of the Day: Wikileaks vs Pernicious G

Dark_Falcon5/19/2014 7:57:28 pm PDT

re: #144 Rightwingconspirator

For all the controversy about CCW, this illustrates an advantage. A concealed gun does not intimidate anyone except perhaps in a healthy way the CCW permitee.

Let just say we have an off duty or out of jurisdiction cop, or a guy that carries cash to deposit and did the whole CCW trainingprogram and then more and then more than that. Maybe has to carry a valuable item from one place to a distant one. He gets gas, he eats, he drives across that state, no one bothered at all by that little revolver out of sight.

That’s not a guy that wants to pose. He just wants to pass through on his own business. Posers are dangerous. They get in over their head. Fantasy then awful reality in some incident.

Again we have to see how different this is in town vs way out there in the remote areas of small towns separated by hunting areas. Like Alaska. Ya just can’t lump that in with Seattle. These idiots do exactly that.

THIS. There was a case earlier this year of an off-duty Army sergeant who got in some trouble for carrying a AR-type rifle while on a hike with his son. As he was out in the country and in Texas feral hogs are a danger, his rifle wasn’t a problem, IMO (and ultimately he only had to pay a small fine and his career shouldn’t be harmed). But as you so rightly put it, carrying a rifle into a restaurant is a different matter. That’s not being ready to face a threat, that’s just showing off in a very unpleasant way.