The Breitbart President Is Raging at Delusional Fantasies

Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))3/06/2017 1:47:56 am PST

re: #143 Anymouse

Well, in my experience, even so-called liberal or mainline Christians feel pretty much the same way. It doesn’t matter whether a person is a Pentecostal or a Methodist, they pretty much seem all to think atheists are going to hell (however they define hell).

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten the “I’ll pray for you” line when someone finds out (gasp) I don’t believe in (insert Protestant or Catholic version of God here) and I gently reject the assertion without evidence.

I grew up Catholic and was overloaded with Campus Crusade Christians in college, which all put me off the religion, and religion in general for a long time.

Now some of the Anglicans I have met at the local Church of Christ the King (not an Elvis cult) are among the first practicing I can relate to and understand, and they all seem to believe that they are simply attending church for the sense of fellowship while following their paths to God.

I can deal with that even if it does not lead me to be a believer.