A La Carte TV Pricing Would Cost Industry Billions, Report Says

Rightwingconspirator12/05/2013 11:29:11 am PST

re: #9 Skip Intro

Even the good programming is hard to watch. So many commercial sets! There are so many programs I have the disc or bookmarked location to stream just to avoid the frequent commercials.

My next TV “box” might just be a laptop or PC linux mini tower with a after market DVR that lets me archive to external storage. Between Netflix and amazon prime streaming, I don’t need cable. The 24hr news channels are a net negative. You get more wrong, slanted or unimportant “news’ there than accurate breaking news.

I think a year of cable payments would buy the whole system. DVR, tower, external drive. Gigabit router. If not a year, surely 18 months.

Time after time I read and enjoy or maybe post here about news during the day. then I go home and CBS is just catching up to what I saw at LGF via Twitter far earlier.