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Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus6/08/2015 3:39:34 am PDT

Ethno-nationalism can pop up anywhere:

Armenians have preserved their anthropological type over the past 3,000 years

Armenians have not undergone serious genetic changes and have preserved their anthropological type at least in the course of the past three thousand years, the research by the Copenhagen University has revealed, said Professor Levon Yepiskoposyan, Head of the Ethnogenetics Laboratory at the Institute of Molecular Biology at the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.

The Copenhagen University has studied 101 ancient genetic samples from different Eurasian regions. The genetic data from different ancient sites of the bronze and iron ages of Armenia have been included in the research for the first time. The study was aimed at revealing the genetic characteristics of the European population.

Armenia was the only country in the region included in the study. “Why? Because we have no problems and no complexes,” Prof. Yepiskoposyan said. According to him, Azerbaijan turned down the proposal.

Hmmm…. maybe it’s a translation thing.

Same guy in a different report:

The Presidency of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) has held a presentation of the “Genetic mapping of historical Armenia” project.


The map represents a rich Armenian genofond (gene pool) in terms of geography, which has for centuries formed and prospered in the Armenian highlands.

Levon Yepiskoposyan, […]

“We hope that this project will prove to be a genetic record,” he said.

Speaking of other peoples’ influence on the Armenian genofond, Mr Yepiskoposyan said:

“Our language, our statehood, our identity, which has deep roots, enabled us to remain intact, when they tried to damage our genofond by force.

This project is a tribute to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims, he added.

Well, if he insists. I doubt the Armenian gene-pool has remained as pure as he insists.

There is a cultural divide between my contemporary American worldview and Dr. Yepiskoposyan’s. I see ethno-nationalism as something not so good, all too often a source of badness. For him it is national pride.