Norwegian attacks stem from a new ideological hate

BrainSurfer7/31/2011 10:23:26 pm PDT

re: #14 Sergey Romanov

No distortion. Foxman’s comment, in my opinion, is stupid and biased. Not sure how many people could be said to “love” Israel except for the Israelis; nor how many of those who are friendly to Israel could be said to hate Muslims. But it is a long leap for Foxman to state that there are people who developed a love for Israel because they hated Islam. Yet he implies that “they” are out there… and we should always be wary of them.

I think we should be wary of wackos of any faith or political persuasion who seek to do harm to those they disagree with. Wary enough to find them, track them down, and put the clamps on them before they do harm.