The Bob Cesca Podcast: Nation of Suckers

lawhawk11/27/2019 6:10:44 am PST

A few years back, there was a massive fire/explosion at a West Texas chemical plant. Lax oversight and inspections played a role in that disaster.

The Texas legislature and governor did nothing to tighten oversight.

This morning, there was yet another major chemical plant explosion and fire. The explosion rattled buildings and broke windows as far as 40 miles from the plant. Multiple casualties were reported.

Trump’s EPA is ignoring oversight and enforcement at a dangerous clip. Trump is gutting the regulatory and oversight of businesses so that millionaires like himself can profit, but everyone else shoulders the burdens.

We are going to see a lot more of this in coming years, thanks to a right wing Supreme Court and judiciary that is intent on undoing the administrative regulatory state - Congress allows regulatory agencies to promulgate their regulations, instead of having Congress spell out every detail.

This is the future we’re heading towards, and I don’t see a way out of it without expanding the courts to undo the damage Trump and McConnell have inflicted.