White Supremacist Kingpin David Duke Suspended From Twitter, Then Unsuspended

Interesting Times3/06/2017 12:47:39 pm PST

re: #112 Clearly a Country For Sick Old Haters

I’m pretty sure he’s too unstable for rational motivations to matter at all.

That’s the (GOP logo) elephant in the room. How bad is trump’s mental health/personality disorder?

Another factor to consider is whether all his deconstruction of the US gov could bring about a crisis through sheer incompetence/catastrophic system failure.
Look how close the world came to nuclear annihilation in 1983, for example:

In the early hours of the morning, the Soviet Union’s early-warning systems detected an incoming missile strike from the United States. Computer readouts suggested several missiles had been launched. The protocol for the Soviet military would have been to retaliate with a nuclear attack of its own.

But duty officer Stanislav Petrov - whose job it was to register apparent enemy missile launches - decided not to report them to his superiors, and instead dismissed them as a false alarm.

Let’s hope America has its own share of Stanislav Petrovs to protect us should the worst-case scenario arise…