Robert Spencer Echoes the Islamists He Opposes

medaura185862/20/2009 10:34:22 am PST

Please, Robert, by all means do keep mentioning me by full name in reference to my blog posts. Keep threatening me. (I’m flattered, by the way — truly flattered — that you at least consider me big-enough-game to personally harass now, rather than leaving the dirty work to your trolls.) Keep the readers coming to my blog! Buff up my profile in the blogosphere… Fuel my inspiration to tear you a second nether region with all the piles of research I’m sitting on.

It’s all going to end up helping your cause in the end. Somehow. Right?

Here is a public pledge: By weekend’s end, a new piece on Robert Spencer’s connections will be up on my blog. If I don’t deliver, feel free to call me a bluffer and a liar. You’ve got my email address; bring on the abuse should I eat my words.

In my # 48 post I summarized the legalities of defamation suits. Here, let me touch upon the game theoretics:

Spencer has no case. We know it. He knows it. Any lawyer he could hire would know it. If he were unhinged to the point of actually following through with his deranged fantasy of suing Charles, Guftafs (good luck tracking that one down to issue a subpoena, by the way), and me, he would lose as surely as death. In distilling his actions and pronouncements through an interpretation that attributes him any rationality whatsoever (which his erratic behavior is making increasingly hard to do), the only plausible outcome I can think of him hoping for would be for us to be intimidated by the prospects of legal fees involved in a lawsuit (regardless of its outcome, which would surely not be in Spencer’s favor).

This is where the money any of you has paid to buy his pedantic, mediocre books goes toward… legal bullying.

Robert, sorry to disappoint, but your bluff won’t work. I do have the financial means necessary to defend myself in court if need be (even if I didn’t, I could leverage against the book-deal that would certainly ensue). I would barely need to resort to legal representation anyway: your case is so trivial, and I am sufficiently confident in my knowledge of defamation law and, most importantly, in my ability to publicly tear you to pieces, that I would likely do my own bidding in court.

You are a public disgrace and I will make sure anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, and brains in their skulls, learns all there is to know about you.


Kejda Gjermani