Video: President Obama's Hilarious Interview With Zach Galifianakis

Mattand3/11/2014 11:58:02 am PDT

re: #111 Pie-onist Overlord

I find atheist rebuttals that consist of HURR HURR MAGICAL SKY FAIRY BELIEVERS ARE TEH SUCK!!!! to be unhelpful.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson focuses on scientific facts and evidence. My grandkids love his videos.

To be honest, much of the Hurr Hurr Magic Sky Fairy is response to centuries of “You’re a horrible human being, please die now” when someone professes to not believe in supreme beings.

I try to be respectful, but you can only get kicked in the teeth so much before you stand up for yourself.

And I say this as someone who was told by a soldier and veteran he was what’s wrong with America for not believing in any god.