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Joshua Cohen9/09/2009 12:06:03 pm PDT

re: #123 zuckerlilly

I started in Lebanon (visa at the border without problems) over to Syria (visa of the Syrian embassy in Vienna) to Jordan (visa at the borders without probems). currently I’m in Israel, some questions at the border about my visas and stamps but nothing serious (despite the fakt, that the lost some of my laguage and I had to wait for hours at a Friday. Ramadan and Shabbat bevor the door ;-)) it was no fun).

Mkay - Jordan - the other way - and Israel as the last station.
As long as you do not hold a Israeli Passport (or then even if you are of Arab descent) - it is not impossible.
Even with Israeli Visa it is possible to enter Lebanon or even Syria. Just a question of money and or relations.
I prefer a second “clean” Passport (of another country than Israel) for these situations.