McCain Admits Sarah Palin Tension

Charles Johnson10/11/2009 1:07:07 pm PDT

re: #137 mich-again

Extremism breeds extremism and I think the GOP’s lurch to the right has pretty much mirrored the Dems lurch to the left.

Can’t agree. In fact, I see the Democratic Party as going substantially more toward the center, especially in the policies Obama has instituted since his election. One of the big reasons Obama was elected at all is because his campaign was very much not a radical campaign — he was actually very centrist. And he was helped enormously by the DNC’s deliberate push to marginalize the extremists like ANSWER and Code Pink.

I see the GOP moving much farther to the right than the Dems ever moved to the left, because there’s a leadership vacuum in the GOP, and the extremists and religious right fanatics have moved in and seized control.