Audio: The Secret Political Reach of 'The Family'

KingKenrod12/03/2009 1:04:33 pm PST

LOL. I love the way Terry Gross throws in “pro free market” with “anti-gay” and “anti-abortion” as if free markets are some kind of a bad thing. I guess she knows who her audience is.

Sharlet sounds like a very credible journalist, this is all interesting information, but it all sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. His description of innocent, well-meaning politicians slowly being suckered into the the Family’s sphere of influence via things like the National Prayer Breakfast is hilarious. It sure sounds like a conspiracy theory. The most important issue here may not be the Family’s influence on the GOP, but the number of powerful Democrats who are also involved, since modern Dems are rarely identified with the religious right.

Also, why is so much time spent on talking about Sen. Ensign’s adultery scandal? I’m not sure I see a real connection to the Family. Some Family members tried to talk him out of the affair - what’s wrong with that? Is the point here just to point out hypocrisy? I kept expecting to hear that the Family arranged the payment of hush money, but no such thing happened. And quoting Doug Hampton about the Family - gee, do you think he might be a little biased, since Ensign was boinking his wife?