Richie Kotzen: "Raise the Cain"

Hecuba's daughter9/27/2020 8:40:10 am PDT

re: #147 Belafon

It’s not too late to fix the country. And I don’t want this to sound too optimistic, but had Clinton been elected in this environment, there would probably be 60+ Republican senators, the Hiuse would be in GOP hands, Hillary would be 10 points down in the polls due to her mishandling of the virus that has so far killed 40,000 people and required two $2T stimuli packages, and do you know how many people would be complaining about their kids staring at the computer screens all day watching their teachers on zoom classrooms when that money used to install cameras in teachers homes could have been spent on making schools safer?

There wouldn’t have been a worldwide pandemic because the teams and policies that had been put in place under Obama would have detected the virus at the beginning and our experts would have worked with China to prevent the spread. It would have been stopped at the beginning, well before South Korea and New Zealand implemented measures that limited the harm to their nations.

That said, you are right that the GOP would be in charge of the House and Senate, obstructing everything Hillary tried to do. Who knows — McConnell might not have approved anyone she appointed to SCOTUS, but he would probably have been forced to accept her appointments to the lower court — or maybe not — it’s not really clear whether he would let our whole system implode and die — but maybe. And she probably would have been impeached a dozen times by now, but no convictions since they likely would not have had 67 Senate votes.