The Ron Paul Tea Parties

Joel4/15/2009 11:44:53 am PDT

re: #136 Max Darkside

We have not seen the worst of this economic problem yet. This is the “nice part. I don’t know if the inflation will go “Hyper”, but if the Chinese and Russians have their way it will. Only thing worse than being unemployed is having a loaf of bread cost $15.00 (and then $30 next week).

I think we are headed both domestically and internationally to Carter II. Remember those years of stagflation? I fear they are around the corner (I hope that I am wrong because I wanted to retire one day eventually). Overseas we will have weakness, appeasement, denigration of our own country by its commander-in-chief. I think (sort of like the show Life on Mars) that I have returned to 1979 and the unqualified charlatan is in the White House.