Robert Spencer and the Extremists

snapped shot9/09/2009 1:14:52 pm PDT

re: #138 Sharmuta

I really don’t know how one can want to remain neutral when one party is in league with fascists and doesn’t care if they are.

Gee, Brian- what harm could a few nazis do anyways, huh?

Sharm, I’ve got relatives that are Republians, and relatives that are Democrats. They often get into all-out fights due to some disagreement or another. Does that mean that I should start hating either group?

LGF was *the* blog that kicked Snapped Shot off way back in August 2006, and Robert Spencer has been one of the most verbose experts on Islamic theology for the entire duration since then. Thus, I consider both parties in high regard, regardless of what THEIR ACTIONS are (which I will reiterate are NOT related to MY actions at all).

Does that help put it into perspective?