Outrageous Outrage of the Day

Vambo5/06/2010 10:47:07 am PDT

re: #129 Renaissance_Man

Come on guys. Let’s not fall into the media hype trap. We’re smarter than this.

There’s no evidence to suggest that the flag-wearing kids were especially provocative. Yes, it is probable, even likely, and certainly the self-righteous attitude of the little snots is highly suggestive, but there’s nothing beyond that to go on, so no need for further speculation.

There’s no good reason to believe some teenage girl who says she’s ‘outraged’ that the white kids would ‘disrespect their national holiday’ either. Of course she’s going to say that. If I was a teenager and the other guy’s little playground gang was all up in my face, I’d say, ‘yeah, they were totally dissing me’ too. And if there was any undertone of nationalistic rhetoric in what we’d been saying to each other, I’d probably nod if the reporter asked me about it too. Totally, man. Like, they were all dissing my flag, dude. Wringing our hands over how terrible it is that these kids and the evil liberal PC teachers want to trample over the rights of good Americans is nothing more than ludicrous hype.

There’s no good reason to believe the school did anything wrong at all. Yes, their district says they disagree with them. So what. What is the district going to say? ‘Yes, we support our school’? When they know that this will be played all over the local media as ‘School district supports principal who stomped all over the flag and spat in the eye of the Founding Fathers’?

It’s a trivial event. Some schoolkids got into a pissing match, there were nationalistic undertones to it, the school broke it up. Little Danny whined to his parents, they got outraged, reporters asked little Annicia if she was equally outraged, now it’s a big f-ing deal.

good post.
I think people are forgetting the fact that teenagers are idiots. Especially that girl who mentioned the Fourth of July… a teenage girl saying something outrageous? *outrage*!