Some More News: Candace Owens, Congress, and How They Helped Each Other Lie [VIDEO]

KGxvi4/16/2019 1:29:35 pm PDT

re: #148 Belafon

The only problem I see with all of those policy ideas rather than more grand “Make the country better” is that we’re going to have to win the Senate and nuke the filibuster completely - which a lot of Democrats won’t want to do - and get people to vote in 2022 that normally won’t, or it won’t take long for the Democrat to look like a failure.

One thing that might help is the Democratic nominee winning statewide in some states where Republican held Senate seats are up in 2022… oh, hi Marco Rubio.

Right now, the only Republicans in the Senate who have to play moderate/bi-partisan are Susan Collins… and well, that’s about it. Cory Gardner probably should have, but he’s not the sharpest cookie in the box.