Mark Knopfler - Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero (17th Oct 2020)

No Malarkey!10/26/2020 8:45:55 am PDT

re: #140 dangerman


biden has a bit larger and way more consistent leads in mich, Wisc, and penna, than hillary did

you’re right, there won’t be a ‘comey’

and remember the 2016 ‘surprise’ was everyone assuming clinton would win those three and no one was polling there. there’s lots of polling there this time, and there’s also the correction for level of education

there should be no ‘surprises’

otoh, there are still lots of ways other than merely counting to see who got the most votes, that they can muck up the election. no polling can account for that

If Biden wins a 10 point victory, there just isn’t any way Trump can cheat enough to turn that around. Since every state votes differently, a one size fits all conspiracy can’t work.