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alegrias4/25/2009 3:02:18 pm PDT

re: #136 eon

Probably the most authoritative book on the subject, and also oddly enough one of the least expensive, is Hitler Youth; The Duped Generation by Prof. H. W. Koch, from the old Ballantine Illustrated History of the Violent Century series, published in 1972. Professor Koch was at the time Lecturer in Modern History at the University of York. He was also a former member of the Hitlerjugend himself, so he spoke with some authority on exactly what the organization did to German children, why, and how it did it.



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Did German kids have a choice about joining this any more than Soviet kids had to join the young Oktobrists or young Cubans have to join Fidel’s juventud revolucionaria?

In a dictatorship, do poor or any income parents really have a choice over what happens to their children if the government raises tells you what you must do?

Is there such a thing as religious objectors, or conscientious objectors, in a totalitarian country?

I remember Russians called “refuseniks”.