Romney's New Video Pulled From YouTube for Copyright Violation

The Ghost of a Flea7/16/2012 8:53:00 pm PDT

re: #141 palomino

Really? Which Dems are demonizing Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. The two richest men in America and they don’t get criticized much by Dems. Why? Because they believe in a fair tax structure and see a problem when secretarties pay higher effective tax rates than their billionaire bosses.

They admit that their wealth is: (1) the summed outcome of the labor of others, (2) a privilege rather than an entitlement.

I come back to the idea of the social contract—Political Theory 101—and the fact that some people seem to want to opt out of the obligations thereof yet remain entitled to benefits. Actually invoking the concept of aristocracy might be anathema in this country, but there’s a streak of “born to the purple” sentiment amongst the Galtonian Overlord types.