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ObserverArt7/06/2018 7:24:06 am PDT

Update on Jim Jordan and the Ohio State Wrestling Team Doctor Abuse.

It is now up to 5 former wrestlers saying Jordan knew. I’m thinking that just like the Larry Nassar Women’s gymnastics mess, this is just getting going and there will be more come forward steeled by the others stepping up.

Yesterday I linked a Daily Caller story the really went low on the two former wrestlers that have been the most outspoken by digging into all their issues to put them in bad light.

Here is a bit on the new 5th wrestler.

Dayton Daily News - Report: 5 former OSU wrestlers say Jordan aware of team doctor’s alleged sex abuse

Five former wrestlers, including former UFC world champion Mark Coleman, said this week that Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana, was aware of but did not respond to allegations of sexual misconduct by an Ohio State University team doctor in the 1990s while the lawmaker was an assistant wrestling coach, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Jordan worked at the university from 1986-94, overlapping with Dr. Richard Strauss, who worked as team physician, student services doctor, faculty member and professor emeritus from 1978-98. OSU is investigating the doctor, who killed himself at age 67 in 2005.

Jordan denies allegations that he knew Strauss was a sexual predator but failed to report the alleged abuse.