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Mattand12/15/2019 6:40:19 pm PST

re: #149 Jay C

So basically, after a month of WH/GOP “defense” of Trump (i.e., hysterical denialism, high-volume deflection, conspiracy-theory handwaving, etc.), they’ve succeeded in moving the needle on impeachment ONE percentage point. IN FAVOR of impeachment and removal.
Swell job, guys..

Josh Marshall was writing the other day that for all of the people worrying about the boomerang effect, the public was against Clinton being impeached and responded by re-electing him.

As you pointed out, and as even a Fox News poll shows, the public wants Trump impeached, if not gone outright. Although I get the feeling far too many Americans think that impeachment is removal.

I really hope that’s the case. Because if it’s one thing that Trump, the GOP and the various and sundry MAGAts have show over the last three years, the Constitution doesn’t mean jack shit if one party is in a full-on power grab.