The New Video From Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Is a Visual Feast: "We Are Not Alone" (La Panthère Des Neiges)

jeffreyw11/29/2021 8:25:13 am PST

I have a desktop with an older graphics card driving an OLED TV at 3840x2160 through a 25’ HDMI cable that does fairly well @60Hz but the display was starting to go black for a second or two at random times before blinking back on. I started to run it at a lower resolution and dropped the refresh rate to 30Hz but that didn’t help. Finally tried a different port on the TV, Yay! It never did deliver HDR when streaming so I’m upgrading to an Intel NUC with much better graphics specs in a much smaller package, plus it has on onboard CEC header that allows on/off control via the TV’s remote. I have an active 25’ HDMI cable ordered that should reliably deliver a 4K signal with HDR.