The Ron Paul Tea Parties

Daria Emmons4/15/2009 11:45:03 am PDT

The Tea Parties are out there trying to make a difference. That is a meaningful and worthwhile exercise. Eric Odom may or may not be an extremist, but he is one organizer amongst hundreds. It is next to impossible to police every person in an organization as widespread as this, short of a loyalty test. This does not mean that the Tea Parties are in and of themselves “extremist” or “crazy.”

The question is what is the overall message of the Tea Parties, and outside of some random loons, I see the message is a good one.

Question: is it not possible to simply support the message of the Parties, while disavowing some of the random loons? Is it necessary to seek to discredit the entire movement, rather than the loons attached to them? Isn’t this cutting off your nose to spite your face?