This Is Good: Some More News Dives Deeply Into What It All Means: "The Impeachable Mr. Trump" [VIDEO]

BeachDem11/24/2019 3:40:47 pm PST

re: #144 Mattand

I’m working with a guy right now who is an unapologetic MAGAt. Reads Ann Coulter and Instapundit on his downtime, has a meme posted on his wall that Donald Trump is an unsung hero of 9/11 because Teh Mediaz conspired against him.

He’s a great guy. Been very supportive and professional to work with. Great sense of humor. But, in the back of my mind, he’s a guy who saw everything that went down last week and thinks “Well, there isn’t video of Donald Trump monologuing his evil plot like a third rate cartoon supervillian, so therefor everything is not true.”

He’s a guy utterly at peace with the fact Trump set up child concentration camps to blackmail Democrats into going along with draconian immigration laws.

If that makes a judgmental, horrible person, so be it. But when push comes to shove, for this guy, there is no bridge too far for Trump to cross. That’s a problem.

I guess I’m harsher, more judgmental and horrible than you, because I would be hard pressed to describe him as a “great guy.” YMMV