Dr. Tiller Shot to Death at Wichita Church

Fearless Fred5/31/2009 10:59:27 am PDT

re: #39 Charles

They’re also cheering the murder at Free Republic.

I haven’t been there in a couple of years, but I just went and read every comment to the news post. It doesn’t look too whack at all to me. Sure, there were some crazy comments (like this … “However, bush2 failed miserably with his “friendly tone” and I’m beginning to think we MUST bring a gun to a gun fight if we have any chance to win this battle against satan and his minions. “, posted by ‘newfreep’), but most of the them (the comments) were pretty okay I thought. I can’t remember why I got turned off to freerepublic …. are there a bunch of crazies over there?