The Bob Cesca Show: Smarter Moles

I Would Prefer Not To9/11/2018 6:05:51 pm PDT

re: #153 Targetpractice

That was my conclusion as well. She got home from work in uniform, hears noise coming from upstairs after she’d made a complaint earlier that day, and decides “I’ll go put the fear of God into him.” She gets upstairs and starts banging on the door, figuring the moment Jean sees her he’ll either become compliant and do whatever she likes or he’ll become combative and she can haul him in on whatever charges she feels like making up. The two have an argument, she pulls her gun with an intent on ordering him to comply, and then misinterprets his actions as “threatening.” So now she’s got a guy bleeding from two sucking chest wounds and no plausible excuse for why she was there, so she calls in a 911 and starts making up shit about how it was all a “mistake.”

I don’t think she’s going to walk. I think a jury is going to find her guilty. She shot a man in his house.

The problem is getting convictions of unarmed black men on the street.