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KGxvi5/07/2019 3:52:34 pm PDT

re: #153 Backwoods_Sleuth

I’ve been thinking some more about impeachment and the idea that Trump “wants” to be impeached. On some level, I can believe he wants to be impeached because he has terrible political instincts and he probably thinks it will help him. But I just don’t see how it helps him… there is no piece or pieces of evidence that are going to convince those who think he should be removed to saying “nevermind.” More likely, the evidence that would come out in hearings and then an impeachment trial would be more likely to sway those undecided/unmotivated voters to oppose Trump. Hell, it might even cut into some of his base, it might not bring those folks over to our side, but it could demotivate them to support Trump and his fellow Republicans.

Maybe I’m working backwards on this because I’ve been the sort that believes Trump should have been impeached two months into his presidency… but I’m really not sure the downside given what we know.