Robert Spencer and the Extremists

What, me worry?9/09/2009 1:16:30 pm PDT

re: #149 snapped shot

Oh, so she voted against it before she voted for it.

Good to know the DNC is as consistent as ever. Winky.


When someone does something like that, it’s usually because there’s language in the bill they don’t like. Very often things are shoved into the bill which don’t pertain to the subject matter. I don’t have time to research her reasonings or that of the Democratic party, but I find it more than curious that virtually all of them completely changed their mind the next day. So something was definitely amiss.

Seems to me you would be happy that our Congress supports the troops, both parties, but you’re more interested in badmouthing the liberals and posting false information, which is what the Right loves to do. Twist the truth until it breaks.